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    Default The Straight Edge Story – Part 1

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    Hello and welcome to my look at the life and career of the longest reigning WWE champion in the past twenty five years; CM Punk.

    Over the next few weeks, I will be looking at everything from Brooks’ early life, to his start in the wrestling industry, through his stints in Ring of Honor and TNA, to where we are today; at the top of the WWE pyramid. I will also be looking in depth at some of Punk’s finest matches in all promotions.


    On October 26th, 1978, Phillip Jack Brooks was born in Chicago, Illinois; one of four siblings. As was mentioned by Chris Jericho last year during their Wrestlemania feud, Brooks’ father at one point was an alcoholic, and although now recovered, a young Phil decided to abstain from all alcohol.

    A lifelong fan of Wrestling, Punk originally trained in Kick Boxing and Karate, before taking his first steps into the industry he had wanted to enter ever since he was a small child.

    ‘Since I was five, I wanted to be a wrestler. My friends wanted to be firemen and policemen. I never wanted to do anything else, and don’t plan on doing anything else.’

    Alongside his friends, and brother Mike, Phil Brooks helped start the Lunatic Wrestling Federation in the mid 1990′s. It was here that we saw the debut of CM Punk, although it occurred completely by accident. When a member of the Chick Magnets tag team didn’t show up, Brooks filled in, and Punk was born.

    LWF – Battle Royal Part One

    LWF – Battle Royal Part Two

    The promotion quickly gained a loyal following, and the LWF were soon doing shows out of a warehouse in Mokena, Illinois. However, things were not going well behind the scenes of the company. Money was being made, but was not being seen by anyone apart from Mike Brooks. As the promotion was taking off, it was discovered that Mike had embezzled thousands of dollars from the company.

    To this day, the brothers still have not spoken.

    After leaving the LWF, Brooks enlisted at the ‘Steel Dominion’, a wrestling school run by Ace Steel, determined to make his dream a reality. It was whilst here that Brooks would meet Scott Colton, now known as Colt Cabana, striking up a friendship that would last to this day.

    After his training, Brooks soon found his first independent home, Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South, based in Louisville, Kentucky.



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