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    Default Sting’s WWE Hall of Fame Induction, WWE Completing Their WCW Puzzle, More

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    - We’ve noted from multiple sources that WWE officials do not see signing Sting as a priority. While this is true, they do want him as a part of the company as they realize that Sting is sort of the last piece to WWE’s WCW puzzle. They also realize that there is lots of money to be made with Sting through t-shirts, action figures and other merchandise.

    The latest word is that Sting may pop up at WrestleMania XXX, but not wrestle, and then wrestle 1 or 2 matches before being used as a special attraction. With WrestleMania 31 being held in California next year and Sting being a California guy, there’s potential for him to be a cornerstone for next year’s Hall of Fame class.

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    Can`t wait to see Sting in WWE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jermaine View Post
    Can`t wait to see Sting in WWE!

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