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    Default Sting to WWE?, Why Was Ambrose Smiling During Snake Segment?, NXT Duo to RAW, More

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    - A Ticketmaster pre-sale begins today for the March 24th WWE RAW at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The password is RAWTV.

    - While NXT Diva Lana hasnít been on the road with Alexander Rusev at WWE live events, the plan is to bring them up to the main roster together. Itís now said that the NXT stars slated for call-ups the quickest are NXT Womenís Champion Paige, Emma and the team of Rusev and Lana.

    - As has been the case around this time in recent years, reports are that WWE is talking with Sting, who has not renewed his TNA deal yet.

    - The appearance from Jake Roberts at Old School RAW was a one-time deal. That doesnít mean he wonít be in the Royal Rumble or the WWE Hall of Fame but no deal has been put in place for either yet. Regarding his return on RAW, Roberts was telling people that the reason Dean Ambrose was smiling when Jake put the snake on him was because the snake defecated on his chest. CM Punk mentioned this to Ambrose and thatís why he couldnít help but laugh.

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    Lol, Damien shat on Ambrose.

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    Hahaha, so he WAS smiling after all. xD I seriously thought it was my imagination playing with me!

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    Mike: What do you think of the chants? Seems like everybody here in Phoenix wants head.

    Tazz: Well, it's a horny crowd.

    Mike: What...?



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