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    Default Sting Says He's Not Focused on Capturing the World Title

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    Sting was interviewed by Kentucky Sports Radio on WKJK-AM 1080 over the weekend. Here are a few highlights.

    * They hyped the TNA Impact taping in Louisville for July 18 and the TNA BaseBrawl event in Lexington this Saturday before the interview. Sting said fans would see some of the best in a different setting.

    * Sting said he's not really focused on capturing the TNA World title at this time.

    * Sting named his favorite matches of all time: Clash of Champions I vs Ric Flair, Great American Bash 1990 vs Ric Flair, Starrcade 1997 vs Hulk Hogan.

    * Sting mentioned his dream opponents are The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

    * Sting says he's never seen the movie "The Wrester" in its entirety. He's seen parts of it, which he said show the seedy side of the industry. However, he did say the industry has cle

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