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    Default Stephanie McMahon Talks About Her Marriage to Triple H

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    - WWE executive Stephanie McMahon Levesque recently talked about her marriage with Triple H during an interview with family trainer Dave Palumbo. She delivered a jab to WCW Nitro as well.

    "He (Vince McMahon) always kind of pushed me towards him (Hunter)," Stephanie said. "I was dating a guy at the time and I would talk to my dad about advice - my dad and my brother (Shane). We would be chatting after the show and watching re-runs of Nitro and laughing about a lot of stuff, and my dad would always say, 'You need to be with a guy who's more like Triple H.' My brother would jump in, 'A guy like Triple H, not actually Triple H.'"

    According to Stephanie, Vince was initially forced to pull his blessing from them marrying because Vince was receiving a lot of heat based on the thought that Triple H was getting special treatment for being with the boss's daughter. After they went on a break from dating, Vince then offered his blessing.

    Listen to the audio of the interview below:

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