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    Default Stacy Keilber Will Appear for WWE If the Price is Right

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    According to an unnamed source from The National Enquirer, Stacy Keibler is open to making a WWE appearance if they paid her a ridiculous amount of money. They mentioned that she would do so because since her break up with George Clooney, she misses the lavish lifestyle.

    Keibler left left World Wrestling Entertainment back in 2006, and since then has only appeared for the company on their WWE Tough Enough reality show back in 2011.

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    As much as I would like to see her return her reasoning behind why is strictly money and makes me care less to see her. Clooney showed her the high life and she still wants that life but doesn't have the funds. I remember awhile back she said she had no interest in a return but now that she got dumped there is really nowhere to turn. I would rather see Victoria or someone else come back that actually wants to show up and put in work



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