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    Default Stacy Keibler Has No Plans to Return to WWE

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    Following a report last week in the National Enquirer that Stacy Keibler would consider a one night only return to WWE for a hefty payoff, is reporting the claim as false.

    According to a source with direct knowledge of the situation, while the 33-year-old feels very grateful to WWE for helping her launch her career, she believes that part of her life is over and she wants to focus on other things.

    The report had claimed that she was was solely interested in returning to WWE for financial reasons because she has refused to scale back on the luxurious lifestyle she became accustomed to while dating Hollywood actor George Clooney.

    In 2009, the former Diva had her management team approach WWE about guest hosting an episode of Raw, but never heard anything back. She revealed in an interview with The Baltimore Sun, "No one has contacted me. I actually had my management contact them, and nobody ever got back to us [laughs]. So I guess they’re not interested."

    After being denied, numerous rumors of Keibler returning to the organization surfaced. More recently, The Sun alleged in July that she was looking to return to the ring. WWE, however, denied the rumor, informing some online wrestling news outlets that organization officials were not speaking to her. d



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