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    Default Ryback Rips Goldberg

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    WWE posted the video above of WWE stars attending New York Yankees batting practice as part of "Superstars for Sandy."
    - has a great piece looking at The Rock's career at this link. The last line sums up his career perfectly: "At WrestleMania on Sunday, The Rock will likely lose, but Dwayne Johnson has already won."

    - reader Raymo Nation sent these notes from yesterday's AXXESS fan fest:

    * Fans that were hoping to get the Raw background for the stage will find out that they have Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, Saturday Morning Slam and Superstars rotating randomly. And don't get to choose which one they want.

    * Fans asked Ryback about Goldberg. Ryback said that he would love to face Goldberg if he had the guts to show up. He also said that unlike Goldberg, he loves this sport with a passion and won't walk away like Goldberg did.

    * Damien Sandow interrupted The Prime Time Player's photo shoot with fans. The PTP ended up chasing Sandow away, you can check out a photo of it below:

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    Ryback's comments regarding Goldberg just make me dislike him more, he's like a whining child trying to prove something to everyone when they already know the truth and can think for themselves

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