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    Default RVD Says TNA Has Treated Him With Respect

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    Although Rob Van Dam and TNA have yet to officially announce they have parted ways, RVD talked in the past-tense about this stage of his wrestling career in an interview with Shelly Martinez on Monday.

    RVD commented on "life after TNA" during the interview with Shelly on "First off, I'm looking forward to seeing you at WrestleCon. Up here at the office in Hollywood, one of the projects I'm spending a lot of time on is the lifestyle brand...It's getting ready to blow up."

    The new project is a clothing line that features Shelly and TNA Knockouts modeling his "non-conformity" brand of t-shirts and sweatshirts.

    The recent X Division champion also released a new audio blog denying that he said during his previous audio blog that he's a free agent and just sitting at home without a contract.

    Also during the interview Shelly, RVD made it sound like TNA would be his preferred option if given a choice whether to continue with TNA or re-join WWE in the future.

    "I've been wrestling over 23 years and I just started feeling like I deserve to have respect over the last few years. TNA gave me first class treatment, and that was a big change from WWE," RVD said.

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    I dont think WWE want him or use him properly
    Do you know Richard Cheese?



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