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    Default RVD Reveals Why He Left TNA Wrestling

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    Rob Van Dam was asked on Twitter why he did not re-sign with TNA. RVD replied:

    Angel Mase®ati™♠♣♦♥☂ @LCameeno86
    @TherealRVD @NeKap what made u wanna leave TNA?

    Rob Van [email protected]
    “@LCameeno86: RVD @NeKap what made u wanna leave TNA?”Contract expired. So did professionalism, courtesy and respect.

    As noted earlier, RVD is scheduled to make his WWE return at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view event.

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    I Think He Will Win MITB Match

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moaz333 View Post
    I Think He Will Win MITB Match
    I think the same too!

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    I don't blame him whatsoever



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