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    Default Rosa Mendes Speaks Out In Support Of Her Tag Team, Shortest 'Mania Matches

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    -- As reported earlier, WWE Tag Team Champion Epico posted a series of messages on his Twitter account Tuesday afternoon complaining about his group being left off the WrestleMania XXVIII pay-per-view event and subsequent television events.

    "Can you believe this @LaRosaMendes? Every single WWE title was on The Wrestlemania PPV. But the WWE tag champs get the Pre-show. I thought this was WRESTLEmania.... Not CONCERTmania... Who did Flo-rida and that MGK beat??? I guess they beat the tag champs. Not only the tag champs get left out of wrestlemania... We weren't even on Raw and it looks like we won't be on smackdown either," he wrote.

    He then slammed the pay-per-view's celebrity presence after being deemed irrelevant by a Twitter user. He wrote, "And since when is Flo-rida, MGK and that menounos chick relevant to a wrestlemania????"

    Rosa Mendes, Epico and Primo's on-screen manager, is also voicing her displeasure with the group's last of television presence this week.

    "I'm really confused to say the least, I'm one of the hottest Divas on the roster, @WWEEpico and Primo are super athletes and we only get the dark match at #WrestleMania, no match on #Raw let's see if we even have a match on #Smackdown. Are people that intimidated by us?" she wrote on Twitter.


    -- Sheamus' World Heavyweight Championship victory over Daniel Bryan Sunday at WrestleMania XXVIII lasted only 18 seconds, but it was not the first blink-and-youll-miss-it match to occur in the event's history. has published a list counting down the ten shortest bouts in WrestleMania history.

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    Thanks fir the news..

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    It ,wont help them shouting on twitter !!

    Not a good idea...

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