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    Default Roman Reigns Talks About Playing a Heel Character & More

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    - One-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Roman Reigns recently spoke to to promote this week's SmackDown tapings. Here are a few highlights:

    Playing the role of a heel:

    "If people want to boo me, thatís great. As long as theyíre making noise and theyíre into it Ö when Iím out there, I want people to show if theyíre mad, theyíre happy, just some kind of emotion. They paid money to come out and cut loose a little bit, so thatís what I intend on doing. I come out and cut loose and I let it all hang out. If I can elicit some kind of a response, that makes me happy, I know that. It doesnít bother me at all to have people boo me."

    Comparing his football days with The Shield:

    "Iíve always been a physical athlete, so getting in the ring and being, in a sense, in-character is not me. Itís always been an extension of myself. Being a part of The Shield, itís right up my alley to be an enforcer, to be the muscle of the group, almost like the D-linemen. A lot of times, thatís how it looks. Iím the D-lineman and (Shield members) Seth (Rollins) and Dean (Ambrose) are like linebackers running free. I can free them up to do whatever they want and back up anything they feel or say, so itís a good feeling to be a part of the team again. I often think of it as itís third-and-long and Iím turning the corner and I have a free shot at a quarterback. Any time I have that opportunity, Iím going to bring it."



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