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    Default Roman Reigns Exchanges Words With Billy Kidman Over Restaurant Incident

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    As noted, Roman Reigns had a bad experience with his food and the manager at Campanile Restaurant in Los Angeles this afternoon and took to his Twitter to complain.

    WWE producer Kidman tweeted the following after Reigns made his tweets:

    "Restaurants BEWARE: I heard a rumor that @WWERomanReigns tries to get free food by saying there are bugs in his lunch."

    Kidman's tweet had a "hashtag smiley face" at the end. Reigns responded:

    "@WWEKidman i dont need hand me outs.. im not hurtin in the pockets by any means old man... and its not a rumor if it comes from the source."

    Kidman then tweeted the following:

    "Twitter is funny. Yet somehow nobody on twitter has a sense of humor. Ironic."

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    Roman Reigns is serious business !!



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