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    Default Roman Reigns Approves of Ronda Rousey as Possible Shield Member?

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    Roman Reigns was asked by a fan on Twitter if he thinks UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey should be a member of The Shield. Reigns appears to have liked the idea, which lead to this exchange between the WWE Superstar and the UFC Fighter:

    Roman Reigns @WWERomanReigns
    "@MidgeBringsIt: The @TheShieldWWE needs a new member. A female. THE female. @RondaRousey , believe in the Shield! She seems like a good fit"

    Ronda Rousey @RondaRousey
    "How did I not see this till right now!? #thisisawesome @wweromanreigns "

    Roman [email protected]
    "@RondaRousey well hell lets get a vest on u and start tearing the world apart! #BreakEveryRuleInTheBook"

    Ronda Rousey @RondaRousey
    Btw I fan-girled out on that @WWERomanReigns tweet so bad I screwed up like 5 times lol

    As noted earlier, Rousey has been rumored for a WWE appearance at this year's SummerSlam event and has also expressed interest in showing up to WWE events in the past.

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    Dude, that'd be so badass!

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    Default Roman Reigns Approves of Ronda Rousey as Possible Shield Member?

    No matter what Dana wants, whenever WWE gets the chance they should sign Ronda! She's the beast! And she probably wants it too, so if they wanna legitimize the Divas/Women's division, just start throwing out those dolls, and start signing wrestlers and fighters like Gina Carano, Angelina Love, Christina von Eerie, and this monster Ronda Rousey!



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