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    Default ROH Issues Apology For Last Weekend's IPPV

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    To Our Fans,
    Ring of Honor has always strived to deliver first-class professional wrestling and only the finest in-ring action for our fans. This includes providing impeccable broadcasts of our product in every format we offer and live iPPV streams are absolutely no exception.

    This past weekend at Supercard of Honor, we failed to provide our fans with the best iPPV, and feel it is important that we convey how truly sorry we are for the outage that occurred during the main event, world title match. It is our regret that what should have been a highly celebrated ending with Jay Briscoe capturing the ROH World Title from Kevin Steen, was tainted by many viewers having issues with the feed and completely missing the historic ROH moment as it happened live.

    With that said, we have successfully overcome issues in the past to improve the quality of our stream, and appreciate all the fans who feel our shows are worth the risks that come with this unique broadcasting format. During the live event, we kept up with your positive comments not just about the matches on the card, but the quality of stream itself. It is very unfortunate that by the time the issues were detected, the show was already over. However, our providers have worked diligently to identify the source of the problem, to assure us and our fans that this does not happen again in the future.

    The video has been corrected with the complete replay available at While we can never make up for the lost moment of the live show, we would like to offer a $5 discount code for any store purchase to those who bought the iPPV and went through the frustrations of the glitch. We also invite anyone who would like to share any further comments or issues to email [email protected], and we will do our best to provide immediate answers.

    We never want our fans to feel like their voices are not heard, and we certainly never want our fans to miss out on big moments like Jay Briscoe becoming the ROH World Champion. We promise to continue to improve and continue to bring our fans the best pro wrestling experience today. See you at Border Wars.

    -Ring of Honor Wrestling

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    lol wt hapned in ORH??
    !!! KILL BULLIES !!!

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    TBH if I'd have paid for it, it would have been a favour not to see Brisco get the title from Steen, that is the outrage...



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