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    Default THE ROCK vs. JOHN CENA: 'The Tension Is Very Palpable'

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    In a backstage interview with the Cleveland Plain-Dealer prior to Monday's Raw, "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson reavled much about his upcoming match for WrestleMania 28 against John Cena.
    Johnson noted that prior to his WWE return he never forgot comments Cena made about him thus making it a personal feud where the tension is real.
    "The great thing about it is, for me, coming back into this world, I needed something real to sink my teeth into, as a performer. Whatever Cena had said publicly three or four years ago, I always remembered it, so that gave us a nice launching point," Rock told reporter Glenn Moore.
    "It's not personal like, 'I hate you,' because I don't hate anyone. But, the tension is nice and real, and I like it. I think it plays well with what we're doing at WrestleMania and people feel that. 'I don't have to be your friend and I don't want to be your friend,' but when we go out there, let's entertain the people. But, that tension is very palpable and it's nice and real."
    The Rock revealed he approached Vince McMahon before WrestleMania 29 with an idea for the "biggest match of all-time" and told him "There's only one guy you can do that with, today, and that's John. He's been a great, great opponent."
    When Asked if there's a wrestler he has not worked with that he would like to headline WrestleMania with, Rock said it would be "Macho Man" Randy Savage or Sting in his prime. He added "Currently, there are a lot of great guys and there's a lot of got wrestlers who are here (in WWE)," Rock said about who else he would like to work with besides Cena. "There are a lot of great wrestlers who are down in TNA; Ring of Honor; Japanese wrestlers; Mexican wrestlers; there are a lot of great wrestlers out there who I would have great matches with."

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    What ??? Cena made it personal !!! Cena only commented on Rock which is absolutely true..

    I think Rock made it personal by commenting on Cena's mom.

    That was really a cheap comment.......

    It's Clobberin Time

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