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    Default The Rock Talks About "Hobbs" Possibly Getting His Own Spin-off Movie

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    WWE Champion The Rock loves the role of his Fast 6 character Hobbs so much that he thinks he should have his own spin-off movie. Rock regularly pushes for Hobbs to have his own movie but says making sure Fast 6 is the best it can be, is most important right now.

    The Rock told

    "Thatís always an ongoing conversation, because itís really such a cool character. Cool and itís fun in that franchise, to introduce him. That conversation is always an ongoing conversation. Thatís a great thing about working with Neal, too, who hustles to get his movies done and has a studio like Universal who ushered me into the business ten years ago. So thereís a relationship there. That conversation is always ongoing. But I think before going FastÖthe story of Fast Six should be taken care of and fostered and making sure thatís good, because the bar was raised in Fast Five."

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