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    Default The Rock Confirms Role In Another Major Action Movie

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    Back in June it was reported that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was in discussions with Universal to star in a film called “The Janson Directive.”

    The film is about a former consular ops agent, Paul Janson, that goes into business as a private security consultant after. The agent leaves the covert ops business after a high number of sanctioned killings. He teams with a sharpshooter and only takes assignments that he believe will help people in need.

    The Rock has since confirmed that he was will be taking the role and also noted that Academy Award winning writer Akiva Goldsman will be writing the script.

    On Instagram, The Rock wrote the following about the project:

    “A real pleasure teaming up w/ Academy Award winning writer, Akiva Goldsman (A BEAUTIFUL MIND) to write THE JANSON DIRECTIVE. Very cool and honored to bring this iconic novel and character to life. Can’t wait… #RobertLudlum #Conspiracy #UniversalStudios #JansonDirective”

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    It was good to see the Rock on RAW last night! That was a good surprise!! Didn't get a Rock Bottom to Rusev, though...



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