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    Default Robbie E Reveals How He Got Started in Pro Wrestling

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    Robbie E recently spoke with Here are some highlights from the interview.

    How he got his start in pro wrestling: Well of course when I was a young Robbie E. I knew I was destined to be a star in this world somehow and I assumed that it would be as a pro-wrestler, because I loved wrestling. So at the age of 16, while still in high school, I began training three times a week. I didnít even have my driverís licence yet; my parents had to drive me to a school that was about an hour from my house. I trained for six months, I had my first match and two months later my principle in high school was fist pumpiní bro!

    On his pro wrestling training: I trained with a small school in New Jersey called IWF, itís actually closed down now, it was good training; guys like Steve Corino and Simon Diamond frequented there. I would really credit those two, mainly Simon Diamond with my training.
    As far as who influenced me as a kid obviously I was into Hulk Hogan, but to be honest there wasnít like one guy that really stood out to me as the reason I got into wrestling so itís kind of hard to answer that.

    Highlight of his time on the independent circuit: I was on the independent circuit for ten years. I did TNA matches in the early years, in Nashville on Explosion and things like that and over the years I had other tryouts, WWE tryouts, those kind of huge opportunities will always stand out in my memory. But my big break came ten years into my pro-wrestling career when I signed with Impact Wrestling and to be honest thatís where I will always consider my memories as having started.

    On getting into TNA: I had a tryout with them through Terry Taylor, and at the time they were looking forÖthe Jersey Shore Show was big, Iím from there: youíre sitting hereÖlook at me! So they kind of just put two and two together and when they said ďOK letís see if he can get it done in the ringĒ and fortunately enough for me it clicked, they offered me a contract the day of my try out match.



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