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    Default Ring Posts To Blow Warm Air At WrestleMania

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    An anonymous source sent these newsbits along and we have confirmed both. I spoke to the source earlier today and we will have more inside information from the WrestleMania 29 hotel all weekend long:

    I have been staying at the 'Mania hotel and security is SUPER tight. They have a security guard to get in the driveway. One to accesses the elevator and one that checks your card again on EACH floor. They didn't have that last year.. Fans could wait around in the lobby last year. You can't get anywhere near the lobby or front of the building and they are not taking any reservations.

    The ring posts for the WrestleMania 29 ring will actually blow hot air to keep the wrestlers warm as it gets colder throughout the show. Special ring posts have been brought in and will be set up either late tonight or tomorrow morning.

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