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    Default Ric Flair Talks About His Son & Daughter Wrestling, How Much Can He Bench?

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    - Ric Flair spoke with to promote his WWE NXT live event appearance this weekend. Here are some highlights:

    What was your reaction when your daughter, Ashley, aka NXT Diva Charlotte, said she wanted to become a pro wrestler?

    Flair: She surprised me. I took her to Wrestlemania in Miami in 2012. All my friends have known her forever. She was playing sports in college, and she was an all-American cheerleader. I think just being around all the guys that weekend just sold her on it. Three months later she was in Tampa training. Its very cool. It runs in the family; her brother is in Tokyo wrestling.

    Do you worry about them?

    Flair: If you worry about getting hurt, you cant be in this business. Theyre both pretty tough, mentally and physically. Ashley may be the best athlete Ive ever met. All the things she can do, her athletic ability. To be a Division 1 volleyball player, cheerleading and a gymnast. Shes 5-feet-11, weighs 150 pounds with 13 percent body fat.

    What can you bench?

    Flair: Right now? Probably 275 or 300 pounds. I havent worked out in about 6 or 7 weeks. For my age its miraculous. In the old days I used to wrestle every day and work out. Literally 365 days a year, twice on Saturday and twice on Sunday.
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