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    Post Rey Mysterio Talks Thinking Of Quitting The Business

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    Rey Mysterio revealed he really thought about quitting the business after his most recent knee injury in an interview with

    "This past year that I've been recovering from my surgery, I really thought about it (quitting wrestling) And my family has been supportive from day one, especially my wife. She tells me, 'God is giving you the blessing to go out there and do it again.' All over [again]," Mysterio said. "My knee is good after the surgery and, you know, I'm just going to take this ride as long as it goes, until God says, you know, it's time to tap out now. Say [that] I quit. But that's not the time yet."

    He talks on his young fans, saying he treats them like his own children. Besides the fact that its really cool to have that following of the youth, its also a big responsibility. You want to make sure that there is an image, a person they see on TV, that when they happen to run into you on the street, you have the time to say hi, give a picture, give an autograph and even if its brief, give them a quick tip on something." Mysterio said. I kind of look at my fans as all of my children. I like to give good advice, especially if they ask for it. I always try to stay positive, he added.

    Mysterio admitted that he tends to get lazy at times. Im very lazy. I like to sleep, he said, laughing. Im a late person. I like to go to sleep sometimes one, two in the morning and if I have nothing to do the next day, I wake up at 11, 12 noon. So Ill sleep a good ten hours non-stop." He added, I guess my body sometimes catches up to all the nights I havent slept in the past.

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    I hope Rey doesn't leave . He is a legendary wrestler and I hate when one legendary wrestler leaves the WWE. We lost Shawn Micheals, Edge and now we are going to lose Rey.



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