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    Default Rey Mysterio on Latest Return, Del Rio

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    On returning to action after nearly a year away from the ring: "I tell you, it was overwhelming, the amount of crowd reaction that I received tonight. It was insane. It's almost been a year, since August, that I've been in the ring. I would't change it for nothing in the world, I'll tell you that. It is the best feeling in the world, to be able to be out there and perform for your crowd."

    On getting a measure of revenge against Alberto Del Rio: "Well, I definitely got a piece of what I wanted tonight. I didn't eat the whole pie, I got a slice of it, But, there's plenty of time and Rey comes back with vengeance. He's going to take care of business that should have been taken a long time ago. Unfortunately, it hasn't. But again: I am back and I am back to stay and I'm back to take care of business. Alberto Del Rio, he's going to see me around."



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