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    Default Report: Several TNA Stars Possibly Leaving?

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    Partial Source:

    According to several sources in TNA, the contracts for Bully Ray and Devon are set to expire within the next four to five weeks. The two have been discussing new contracts, but sources report that there hasnít been any real movement in the process. Bully Ray is one of the companyís top heels and works as an agent for the company, while Devon is TV champion has been working with younger talents on the roster on both TV and house shows.

    The two first signed with TNA back in 2005.

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    I dont think they leave or TNA let them go. They done so much for the buisness, they are Legends in every tag Team division in the world

    I think Bully Ray deserves the World Title before he retires, even they make it look like an accident. he should get it Like Foley 1 time
    Do you know Richard Cheese?



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