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    Default Reasons Why Some Morale Is Down Within WWE Right Now

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    As of this past Monday afternoon, one thing that still had morale down among some WWE talents was the fact that the company had still not addressed how pay-per-view payoffs are going to be handled with the launch of the WWE Network later this month.

    To say the roster is nervous would be a “huge understatement” and according to one source, the longer WWE officials wait to address it, the worse the roster is going to assume the news is.

    This issue has been a hot topic backstage since the WWE Network announcement in Las Vegas last month and it’s an issue that preceded the chaos over Daniel Bryan and now the situation with CM Punk. The Network uncertainty is said to be one of Punk’s frustrations.

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    My Moral would also be down, if I don't know what happens to my payment and what's going on.



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