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    Default Reason Why WWE Changed Ryback vs. John Cena at Payback

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    As noted, Ryback vs. John Cena at WWE Payback is now Three Stages of Hell with the following stipulations - a Lumberjack Match, a Tables Match and an Ambulance Match.

    The change was made because Vince McMahon wants to do something epic with Cena, something that will be a memorable point in his career.

    As of this week, the match is not being done to prolong the Ryback vs. Cena program, although they have nothing specific in place for Cena's long-term booking.

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    Match with Ryback epic for Cena? Not sure if any type of match with Ryback would be epic for Cena lol

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    Agree With Neil ^^^

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    We want punk..........We want punk..........We want punk..........



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