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    Cool Randy Orton Returns on Raw

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    Randy Orton returned to WWE on this week’s episode of Raw during Heath Slater's "open challenge" and defeated him. Orton's 60-day suspension come to an end today, after being suspended on May 30, 2012 for his second documented violation of the WWE Wellness Policy.

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    I didn't like the way Randy Orton returned. A Main Eventer faces a jobber! That is pathetic and the match was way too predictable although the start was unexpected. I thought it would be a very quick match with just the RKO as the only move used not Slatter hammering Orton. I would rather have seen Randy Orton vs Ryback, Main Eventer vs Squasher. This is sort of Off-Topic, who ever returns back to the WWE always win their return match.



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