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    Default "Pure Wrestling" Kickstarter Style Project Launched For Pennsylvania Area

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    "The Pure Wrestling Federation Is a new promotion Located in the North Eastern part of Pennsylvania, centered on the city of Scranton. In the past this area used to be a hot bed of great wrestling action. Over the years it has fallen off with the occasional show coming through the area. For years We have talked to fans in this area and they all say, "If only a show would come here, I would love to go again and bring my kids" So we started to pay attention to the wrestling scene in our area and noticed two types of shows. Those that put on great shows but mainly feature talent that is bought and paid for full of EX WWE stars and TNA stars.
    And those that well just suck using anyone who claims to be a wrestler regardless of actual training. The first does nothing to really help the up and coming guys and the second just destroys the industry. So we got with some various legends in our business that happen to be in our area and with their help we are going to bring a great show mixing in a blend of the old school days that many grew up on, where Wrestling mattered and story lines mattered along with a blend of the current style. Where wrestlers pull off moves the guys of old never dreamed of. Our Talent pool consists of a blend of some favorite old school wrestlers as well as some young bright and up and coming stars from our area and around the country. Our goal is to bring great wrestling and compelling story lines that make sense without boring our fans to tears with long winded promos and stories that insult your intelligence. Besides great wrestling we as a promotion plan on giving back to our local communities, our shows will all be used to help raise funds for local schools or charities. So if you are looking for a great show that listens to fans and what you want to see keep your eye on us as the New Year begins. Pure Wrestling Where the Past and Present, Become the Future
    The reason we are starting this campaign is to help raise funds so we can make our show a bigger success. There are a lot of little expenses we need help covering. The basic cost of covering a show is around 2,000 and that is not counting enhancement talent, these would be better known stars more readily known by the general public and help sell tickets better. Enhancement talent can run on the low end about 250 upwards of 3000 depending upon the person. There is also the cost of printing tickets and programs and other advertising media.
    We would also like to have our championship belts ready in time for the first show. We need at least 3 belts at approximately 800 each
    Our goal is set at $10,000. As some of these costs are one time type costs the additional money will go towards booking additional shows to help us get off the ground and moving while we have momentum from the first show.
    If we do not reach our full goal the money raise will still go towards a lot of the items mentioned above. Just some items will be shifted around based upon priority.
    As for the perks we are offering. Most are fairly self-explained. If you are not local and cannot attend the first show in person we have options like the DVD so you can still see the show all be it after it has taken place. This will take some time to edit so please allow time for to be done. We are estimating about a month from the date of the show.
    T-Shirts will be ready ahead of time and will ship out after they are printed we are hoping at least a week before the show. If you are local and will be attending the show you can pick it up at the show. This also goes for ticket deals.
    You will see mention of a VIP Pass. These include the follow
    1 Ring side ticket
    1 T-shirt
    $10 food voucher
    Meet & Greet Pass
    Photo-op with various stars and autographs
    VIP Passes are also available for purchase at $50 only before the show.
    The choice of a wrestler will be from a list of enhancement talent we have access to. WE have a large pool of wrestlers to choose from not all are always readily available so this list will not be available until a couple of weeks before the show. Packages that include this please contact us ASAP so we can get you the current list.
    The reason we are doing all this is twofold. First there has not been good wrestling show in this area for a long time. So we want to give families something they can do together and enjoy themselves without breaking the bank. Secondly, this is a great way to help local schools and charities raise funds for things they need.
    So simply put by helping us, you are allowing us to help others and to entertain people. So everyone wins.
    Now we do understand not everyone has the ability to be able to help in terms of a monetary value. So for those that canít we ask if you can please spread the word. Make sure you like us on facebook. You may not have the funds to help us, but fans are always needed and much loved, but who knows maybe you will lead us to those who are in a position to help.



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