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    Default PPV Review #1: WWE Summerslam 2002

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    WWE Summerslam 2002 Review #1
    WWE Open.
    Man, "Fight" the production theme was the PPV theme. I almost forgot that it existed!
    Pyro opens the show (and it's relatively small compared to the pyro every night now!)
    Arena is jam packed full of signs and Michael Cole and Tazz introduce us as they skip to the world New York which is packed! Cole & Tazz will do the Smackdown side of things.
    Kurt Angle's music hits and man, the "You Suck" chants were just kicking off then. Michael Cole looks very young back then and quite trendy, Tazz looks like Tazz!
    1 - Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio (Smackdown)
    Rey Mysterio manages to deceive everyone including me as he comes from under the ring and takes Angle down with a springboard into a hurricarana to start the match! More head scissors followed by a dropkick by Rey sends Angle into the corner. He flips Angle back to the centre, Angle attempts to reverse by sending him into the turnbuckle, goes for the belly to belly, countered, Rey sends Kurt flying but he grabs Rey's ankle and attempts the Ankle Lock! Rey gets to the ropes easily though. Chaotic Start!
    Rey then goes for the 619 early, Kurt ducks and pulls Mysterio out of the ring! Rey is down with Angle recovering from the early onslaught! Kurt picks Rey and sends him to the ring. Couple of shots to Rey which are followed by a suplex. Bit of "YOU SUCK" banter from the crowd as Kurt responds. Angle sends Rey with the Irish whip, Rey lands on Angle, but Kurt hits a German suplex! MASSIVE! Rey then attempts a cover, kick out and Angle gains the upper hand!
    Angle then picks up Rey for a couple of heavy backbreakers and Rey struggles. He puts Rey against the rope and very nearly get's DQ'ed. He tries the same again as the crowd gain heat on Angle. Kurt holds down Rey in the corner with several big punches. He misses the last as Rey attempts to corner, tries the head scissors, but Angle hits a backbreaker. Angle though only manages a 2 count. Angle then sets in a nasty looking leg bar on Mysterio. The crowd attempt to get behind Rey who rolls up Angle, gets 2, and Kurt quickly hits a clothesline. More punches down by Angle as the crowd rise to the "Angle Sucks" chant. Rey though hits the jawbreaker, punches to Kurt, and tried a sunset flip, reversed and Kurt hits a HUGE Belly to Belly. AND THEN!
    THE STRAPS ARE DOWN! Ominous signs for Rey, went for the Angle Slam, Rey reverses to an arm drag! Angle runs at Mysterio but Rey drops the rope and sends Angle OUT OF THE RING! Rey then attempts to fly out of the ring, the ref stops him, but then Rey throws himself OVER THE REFEREE and straight onto Kurt Angle. That was mad! Angle's back in the ring, Rey hit's a springboard leg drop from the top! Cover! 1....2... KICKOUT! Damn! Now Rey sends Angle to the irish whip, Rey lands on Angle's neck, he drops Rey into the Ankle Lock, reversed and Rey HITS THE 619!
    REY HITS THE WESY COAST POP! COVER! 1....2.....KICKOUT! Angle kicked out. Damn! Mysterio then delivers a huge kick to angle and heads to the top rope. Angle runs at Rey, Angle goes to the top, Rey hits the dropkick though. Rey gets on Kurt's neck again, and goes for a hurricarana and a botched spot turns into an Ankle Lock! Ankle Lock is locked in! And REY TAPS OUT!
    Winner: Kurt Angle
    Post Match: Kurt celebrates and smiles up the ramp as the crowd chant "You Suck". Replays are shown from the match showing Angle's win.
    2012 Thoughts: Wow. Great opener. The fast paced action really brought the crowd to life. Angle shows he can work with anyone and Rey looked good in PPV debut. The match could have lasted longer and still worked very well, the minute the West Coast Pop didn't land Angle though, it was Game Over. 7/10
    Backstage, Stephanie Mcmahon tells a guy that Smackdown is better than Raw and tells the guy to ask Bischoff if he can beat that match. (I remember the Smackdown vs Raw feud when it actually mattered!) Bischoff is then found in Stephanie's office. Eric says this is the only office and we should share. Stephanie agrees and they both try to outdo each other.
    They cut to JR & King at the top of the stage area. Ugly days!
    They cut to Y2J's Video and my god, Jericho's pony tail and beard was just wrong in 2002, it looked ugly and wrong and outdated dare I say it! They replayed the feud between Ric Flair vs Y2J feud including the Fozzy performance gone wrong! Hey, Howard Finkel introduces the RAW side too!
    WOOOOOOOOOOO! Ric Flair then enters looking like a Just-For-Men carbon cut out! And some sort of DVD music that isn't Flair's actual music which sounds god awful! This was also his FIRST EVER Summerslam appearance. Weird.
    2 - Ric Flair vs Chris Jericho (Raw)
    Flair bounces the ropes and the two men lock up. Flair slaps Jericho in a bit of shock as they stare each other out. Small piece of mat wrestling lands Flair with a cover only till 2. "WOO" from Flair as Jericho works on Flair in the corner. Irish whip and a huge back body drop by Jericho to Flair. Jericho clotheslines Flair down followed by a back drop. Jericho plays the crowd, goes for the elbow and misses until the
    WOOOOOO's grow with the chops, Flair tries to send Jericho over the ropes, Jericho uses his strength to stay in the ring only for a huge chop to send him down. They work on each other using the chops followed by irish whips. Jericho though heavily throws Flair who is clotheslined to the outside. Jericho removes the padding onto the security wall and sends Flair straight into it. Jericho then throws himself into Flair from the top rope as Flair runs into the cameraman. Jericho throws Flair back in the ring and Jericho works away at Flair, mocking the dirtiest player in the game.
    Flair though blocks a punch and hits chops of his own only for Jericho to hit a reverse elbow. A second rope dropkick from Jericho hits Flair and goes for the cover. Only Gets 2.
    Jericho now unusually chokes Flair using the tag ropes inside the turnbuckle (surely illegal Charles?) Anyway, Flair comes back with some chops but Jericho once again lands into Flair. Jericho labels Flair a "son of a *****" as he hits a nice suplex. Jericho heads to the top only for Flair to chop Jericho and throw him down from the top rope. Both men struggle up. Flair recovers first to land the chops and give Jericho the back body drop followed by a back suplex. Cover only reaches 2. Flair then attempts a suplex, reversed by Jericho who attempts a Walls Of Jericho, Flair though gets an inside cradle for the pin....only for 2.
    Jericho then returns some chops and hits a bulldog on Flair. He then mocks Flair, misses a Lionsault and Flair back to the chops, takes down Jericho and Flair attempts the Walls but Jericho hits the Figure 4 Leg Lock! Flair sells some pain and struggles. Jericho locks the hold in. Flair bites his hand and gets the crowd behind him and attempts to get to the ropes. He struggles and struggles but Flair grabs the ropes while tapping. Charles says he grabs the ropes first but Jericho pushes the ref. Jericho misses a shot to the back of Flair's neck. And Flair with a classic low blow and locks Jericho in the Figure 4! Jericho Taps OUT!
    Winner: Ric Flair
    Post Match: Jericho holds his knee on the outside as Flair celebrates to the crowd as replays are shown. Flair storms up the ramp as Jericho looks angry!
    2012 Thoughts: Ho Hum. It was all Jericho. I don't understand the logic in some of the DQ stuff as the ref should have disqualified Jericho long ago! Flair brought 2 moves though and the crowd weren't into it. The story was pretty average and considering it's Jericho & Flair, it was a letdown. 4/10
    A Hulk Hogan Home Made Video is shown. I wonder if they would advertise that now.
    Backstage: Paul Heyman is shown telling Lesnar that Hogan's career is dead thanks to Brock. Paul encourages Brock to MURDER Rock's title run. Heyman pushes down the Next Big Thing will become the WWE Champion.
    Cole & Tazz take over commentary as Eddie Guerrero's music hits. Eddie hits the ring, bounces against the ropes as Edge's music hits. Both guy's latter theme songs were 10 TIMES BETTER than their original's. Cole made a nice statement on how Edge is the future and is now. Man, Edge was over that night unless WWE edited that entrance.
    3 - Edge vs Eddie Guerrero (Smackdown)
    The two men lock up and create some fast work as Edge takes down Eddie and continue the chain wrestling style. Cole notes Eddie is jealous of Edge's looks. Back in the ring, Eddie reverses Edge's suplex and hit's a cool looking neckbreaker into the top rope. Eddie then punches down Edge, irish whip and a lovely flip by Edge followed by a power slam. Cover only gets a 2 count. Edge then locks Eddie up in the ropes and hits a shot to the legs. Edge goes for a spear like move only to land on the outside. Edge then holds the shoulder but Eddie jumps on Edge and slams him into the steel steps. Eddie throws Edge back into the ring, irish whip and Eddie with the knee to the face and tweaks Edge's left shoulder and targets the shoulder.
    Eddie goes to the top and jumps into Edge's shoulder and slams it down. He goes for a cover which reaches 2. Eddie locks in a rear arm lock and applies the pressure. Edge reaches the ropes only for Eddie to continue to focus on Edge's shoulder. Eddie then plays to liven the crowd but puts Edge into a sleeper. Edge recovers for a few moments but Eddie straight back onto the shoulder as Edge struggles.
    Edge finally gets to his feet but Eddie hits a back drop and locks in another shoulder lock. Eddie then clotheslines down Edge only for Edge to recover and hit the cross body. Both men struggle to their feet only for Edge to be on the counter attack with two clotheslines and a body drop. Eddie though delivers an elbow to the face of Edge, slowly recovers but Edge hits a facebuster. He gets a 2 count. Eddie goes for a suplex, reversed and Edge hits a suplex on Eddie to outside the ring. Edge then goes to the top rope and flies straight onto Eddie as Edge holds his shoulder.
    Eddie gets back to the ring as Edge goes to the top, Eddie stops him, Edge tries to throw Eddie off, but Edge sends Eddie face first into the mat! Cover 1...2....Just Kicked Out! Edge sets up Eddie for the spear but a massive dropkick to the face by Eddie! Eddie now at the top rope, hits the frog splash but Edge got the knees up. Edge hits the edgecution! 1....2 And Eddie kicked out! Edge goes for it again, countered with a northern lights suplex and a neckbreaker by Eddie!
    Eddie goes to the top again, Edge is up though, attempts a suplex, but Eddie hits headbutts to Edge and Eddie hits a frog splash TO THE SHOULDER! But he only gets 2! Eddie then works the ropes but Edge throws him down and an irish whip by Edge who hits the SPEAR! 1...2...3!
    Winner: Edge
    Post Match: Edge celebrates up the ramp while selling the shoulder injury as replays show the spear. Eddie looks gutted.
    2012 Reaction: Good outing from these men. Edge and Eddie were very much in the mid-card shuffle at this point producing matches like this constantly. The crowd weren't really into it for much of the process, but the shoulder story was well done and Eddie was made to look strong in defeat. Good Match. 6/10
    A WWE ad is shown promoting the "Our Season Never Ends" campaign. They NEED an OFF SEASON TRUST ME!
    Backstage, Coach interviews a young Christian, Lance Storm and Test as the Un-Americans. Man, I remember this angle! Storm says Long Island is spoiled and Christian adds he performs at a world class level and isn't worth these people as they are the tag team champions.
    CAN YOU DIG IT..SUCKKKKAAAAA! Booker T & Goldust enter as JR & King remind us of the Un-Americans. Sign: "Goldust is my favourite Spice Girl" Fantastic. Lance Storm & Christian enter with the U.S flag is upside down flying high. Booker and Goldie spark each other up as the Un-Americans enter the ring to big USA chants.
    4 - Booker T & Goldust vs Christian & Lance Storm (The Un-Americans) (C) - World Tag Team Championships
    Goldie & Christian start. Christian is taken down within seconds to which Lance Storm gets the same treatment! Goldust delivers the slap to Christian but Christian manages to tag Lance Storm who is treated to a knee in the special area by Goldust. He tags in Booker and Booker is fired up! He hit's a shot to the mid section before delivering a sidewalk slam. Booker covers for two! Goldust is back in and hits a shot to the head. Christian tries to get a cheapshot but is sent flying. Lance Storm though throws Goldust out out the ring heavily as Christian works away on Goldust on the outside. Storm covers only for two. Storm delivers shots to the back of the head as USA chants ring through the arena.
    Christian is in and delivers knees to Goldust. He puts Goldust in the corner as Christian and Storm illegally work on Goldust behind the ref's back. Christian hit's a backbreaker and manages a 2 count. Storm's in and misses a dropkick, Goldust goes for a roll up, gets 2 and slams Storm down. Both men struggle to their partners. Storm gets there first and Christian grounds Goldust with a headlock. Goldust recovers and tries to force himself to Booker whose tagged in. But the ref misses the hot tag and Booker is sent back to the side and Goldust is trapped in the corner. Storm hits the clothesline to Goldust. Storm tags in Christian as the shots to the mid area of Goldust. Goldust hits shots to Storm and Christian and sends Christian into Storm. Goldust covers for a 2 count and both men now attempt another tag. Goldust nearly makes it, Christian pulls Goldust down, Storm dragged down Booker, but Storm brings two chairs in, heading for a conchairto! They MISS and a double clothesline hits!
    AND GOLDUST GETS THE TAG! Booker goes ape and hits two clotheslines, sends Storm for a ride and several shots to Christian's chest. Booker goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick. Cover.....only reaches two. Booker T goes for the scissors kick, misses, Christian goes for the Unprettier, misses, Storm went for a dropkick and got the ref! Booker takes advantage and gets BOTH MEN with the scissors kick! Booker then feels it. AND A SPINAROOOONIEEE! Booker then with a big boot. Cover,,,but there's no referee! Storm attempts a cheap shot but misses! HERES TEST THOUGH AND TEST NEARLY KICKED BOOKER T's HEAD OFF! Christian covers Booker. 1......2........3!
    Winners: The Un-Americans (Christian & Lance Storm)
    Post Match: Christian & Storm hold up the belts and Booker recovers slowly selling the big boot as Goldust checks on Booker.
    2012 Reaction: In 2002, I was 10 and I remember hating these matches. This match was the best tag match I've watched this year. It had everything! Heels attempting ANYTHING to win, the hot tags consistantly being halted, Goldust selling well, the typical finish. Hell, This should prove an attempt should be made for Tag Team Wrestling's return. 7/10
    The cut to Times Square and Nidia with Jamie Noble is here! And man, Nidia looks so good! Nidia chooses which guy she wants to bed and literally goes at it with this guy! Lucky one.
    Bischoff then tells Steph that Nidia deserves a shot on Raw for that. Steph says women should be on top. Bischoff counters by saying that RVD will bring home the I.C title later on!
    We cut to Chris Benoit's music as Tony Chimmel announces Benoit to the ring. I love that the I.C belt still had WWF on it. RVD's music (which beats the TNA crap) plays as RVD is over. But it is in New York so I'd expect that. Both men lock up in the ring.
    5 - Rob Van Dam (Raw) vs Chris Benoit (Smackdown) (C) - Intercontinental Championship
    Benoit goes for some early shots which are blocked by RVD's shots which take Benoit to the outside. He re-enters and RVD with more kicks until Benoit manages a head lock. RVD sends him to the ropes but Benoit's strength takes RVD down. RVD then rolls across the ring to the ropes, to the second rope and jumps on Benoit for a 2 count. Benoit misses 2 clotheslines as RVD misses a spinning kick for Benoit to hit a German suplex. Benoit then hits the elbows to the head. Benoit gets a 2 count before hitting a backbreaker and getting a 2nd 2 count.
    Benoit picks up RVD with a snap suplex and only has a 2 count. Benoit locks in an arm bar only for RVD to get to his feet, roll out Benoit, but Benoit sends him straight back down. RVD attempts an inside cradle, followed by a backslide which both hit 2. Benoit though reaches his feet and slams RVD's head into the turnbuckle. RVD however hits the split leg moonsault which Benoit was able to block. Benoit then heads to the top but misses a headbutt. RVD goes up again and attempts a five star frog splash which misses and Benoit locks in a Crossface!
    Benoit pulls back RVD's head but RVD manages to get his foot on the rope. They show Steph and Bischoff arguing about who will win. RVD attempts to go to the top but Benoit throws him off the top to the outside. Benoit then gets a hammerlock on RVD and throws him into the steel post and eventually back in the ring.
    Benoit hits a shoulder breaker this time followed by the stomps to RVD and the crowd seem very distracted by something occuring outside the ring. The wrestlers put a hold lock in until the situation is calmed. RVD then gets to his feet, doesn't release the lock however and wraps RVD's arms around his own neck. RVD rolls out and puts Benoit in the same lock until Benoit forces him off fiercely. RVD with the spinning feet though, RVD goes for the rolling thunder, misses and Benoit locks in the Crossface AGAIN!
    RVD though with elbows to Benoit and Benoit tries to roll up with only gets 2. He throws RVD's shoulder into the ringpost. Benoit hits a northern lights suplex, and a 2nd to a pin.....only to get 2. Benoit then hit's a third! Benoit now goes for the crossface for the 3rd time. RVD struggles to the ropes, Benoit blocks RVD from getting to the ropes and now Benoit puts RVD in a different shoulder lock which RVD reverses and now RVD locks in a crossface! It's reversed quickly with a dropkick however.
    Benoit drives RVD to the corner, but RVD finally manages a springboard kick to Benoit. He attempts a cover for 2. And RVD now lands the rolling thunder, hits another cover for 2 however. RVD with a hard Irish whip, spear to Benoit followed by a spinning heel kick. RVD then goes to the top but Benoit pushes him down into the ropes. Benoit punches to the back of the neck and Benoit went for the suplex and RVD changed that to a crossbody in mid air! RVD hit's a huge Five Star Frog Splash and gets the pinfall!
    Winner: Rob Van Dam To Win The Intercontinental Championship
    Postmatch: RVD celebrates on the outside with Benoit down with a "Mr. Pay. Per. View" sign looming and Bischoff then taunts Steph about the win.
    2012 Reaction: Mind Games: Check Wrestling: Check Match: Check. The Crowd didn't get too into things, but the match was fantastic. Awesome work from Benoit dominating until RVD managed to overcome the odds. Spots looked good and nasty at the same time and the combinations were so different they clicked. Another Great Match just ahead of the opener. 8/10
    They cut to the American Bad Ass Style Undertaker whose set to VS Test next after a video package about The Un-Americans.
    Back live, Test comes out and waves the upside down flag until "Dead Man Walking" enters with his motorbike. Undertaker drives around the ring as he sets his bike and jumps straight into the ring and taunts down Test. I remember Taker had his heel persona drowned out quickly and Test just started this storyline so look for aggression.
    6 - Undertaker Vs Test (Raw)
    The two men lock up but Test takes down Taker only for Taker to recover and throw Test over. Yet Test manages to put the knee into the stomach of Taker several times over. Taker though jumps way over Test's head and lands Test on the mat. Taker goes to the top and attempts an old school only for Test to throw the ref into the ropes and Taker land somewhere not very nice.
    On the outside, Test manages to throw Taker straight into the steel steps as Taker struggles to recover. He throws Taker in the ring and kicks him down. Test delivers the big boot to the corner and Test continues to wear down Taker with several clotheslines. Taker attempts a recovery but a hard clothesline from Test is followed up by a knee to the face of Taker. Taker stamps his foot for the crowd to get behind him, as they do and Taker slowly recovers up. Taker slams fists to Test's stomach followed by a suplex by Taker. Now Taker goes for the elbow but misses. Test attempts to retain control but both men exchange punches until Taker delivers a big DDT. Taker manages a 2 count.
    Taker then attempts for a 2nd time and hits the old school. Taker follows it up with a snake eyes but misses a big boot. Test went for the pump handle slam, blocked, Taker goes for the chokeslam, blocked, Test goes for a Big Boot which he misses but Taker slams down a chokeslam! 1...2.....KICKOUT!
    Taker attempts the Last Ride but here are Christian and Storm! Storm is sent for a chokeslam as is Christian but Test delivers a big boot and .....NO! Taker kicked out! Test looks shocked, as am I! Test then grabs a steel chair, the ref attempts to take it off him, Taker delivers a big boot to the chair and Taker hits the tombstone. Game. Over.
    Winner: The Undertaker
    Post Match: Taker goes to the outside and goes into the crowd, grabs a U.S flag and stands holding up the flag on the turnbuckle as they replay the match.
    2012 Reaction: Meh. It was about what you would expect from two big men. Test should have been pushed higher, he could have taken off. Taker going over was very questionable as Taker managed to take down The Un-Americans by himself. Weak. Average match slowing down the show in my view. 4/10
    A WWE Shop Zone Ad Is Shown just as Undertaker leaves the ring.
    J.R and Jerry Lawler then set up the semi main event between Triple H vs HBK. J.R pushes the personal touch and a video package shows the relationship between the two. While the production value has increased, the video packages absolutely rule still from 2002.
    HBK's Music hits to tonnes and tonnes of confetti and fireworks. Whoever had to clean that up, I wish them well. HBK get's to the ring to more pyro which looked even better. The story behind this is one you need to check out by the way. The Game enters to a classic Motorhead theme and looks pretty much the same 10 years later!
    7 - HBK vs Triple H - Unsanctioned Match (Even though it's on a WWE PPV!)
    HBK throws the shirt in the face of The Game and goes for HHH and spears The Game down. HBK works The Game and sends him flying to the outside. Shawn then launches himself to the outside and punches down HHH who tries to run from it. HHH attempts to slam HBK to the stairs, HBK reverses and shots to the ring followed by a big clothesline. HBK grabs a trashcan and the lid but The Game went downstairs and put HBK into the security wall. HBK though slams HHH with the lid and muscles his way into the ring. HBK grabs the trash can and SLAM into HHH's head. HBK to the top as The Game gets up as HBK delivers a blow to The Game. HBK sets up The Game for the Super Kick, HHH dodged and HHH delivers a backbreaker to HBK and delivers a 2ND one. They play up the injured back element of HBK. HHH throws HBK into 2 turnbuckles and delivers a big Irish whip to HBK.
    HHH delivers more Irish whips until HBK lands awkwardly and HHH delivers the DX salute. HHH covers but HBK kicks out. HHH grabs a chair and slams it into the back of HBK who sells better than most people of today's roster. HHH picks up HBK only for HBK to punch HHH, The Game attempts a suplex, HBK gets a rollup but only for a 2 count. Irish whip by HBK only for a facebuster by The Game. Triple H then delivers a big DDT onto the steel chair which receives a 2 count. HBK is busted open.
    HHH then grabs the belt of HBK and whips it into HBK's back. HBK struggles as HHH dominates the match and finds a sledgehammer. He pushes Earl Hebner out of the way but HBK fighting on his knees fighting against The Game. HBK forces punches out but HHH manages to put HBK in a abdominal stretch. HHH holds the rope as J.R reminds us it's NODQ. Earl then pushes The Game and tells him to back off! He goes APE!
    It gives HBK chance to recover but The Game puts him on the top rope. Both men battle and HBK wins out as HBK leans on the top rope. But The Game shoves Hebner in the ropes and HBK leans upside down on the rope which HHH delivers a brutal chair shot. HHH then opens up the chair. He then sidewalk slams HBK through the chair as HBK looks helpless. Wow. Cover only lands at 2.
    He tries the same again but to no avail. The Game starts to get frustrated, puts the chair on the mat again and goes the Pedigree on the chair but a HUGE LOW BLOW by HBK sends both men down.
    HHH manages to grab a chair though but HBK DELIVERS A SWEET CHIN MUSIC to the face of The Game!
    The Game is BUSTED wide open. And HBK goes to work on The Game and flies at The Game and manages to jump to his feet! The crowd build as does HBK with a back body drop as he grabs the chair with a monsterous shot to The Game! He then throws him to the outside. More chair shots by HBK dominate as he grabs his leather belt and smashes it against HHH. He then finds the trash lid and smashes it over onto the table as Michael Cole hides in the crowd (I KID YOU NOT!). HBK then runs around ringside and smashes HHH head first into the steps.
    Then, that mighty ladder appears. He smashes it in HHH's face and into the stomach. He then sets up the ladder on the ring post and slings him into the ladder! Crazy! HBK goes for the cover...but only picks up 2! HHH manages a baseball slide into the ladder into HBK however and recovers. HHH heads to the top only for HBK to catch him off guard. HBK delivers a huge Superplex but ONLT GETS A 2 COUNT!
    HBK then attempts a roll up and gets 2 but The Game delivers the knee straight to the face. He brings the stairs into the ring but HBK with a drop toe hold sends him into the stairs! And HBK forces HHH out the ring again as he goes for a table. The Game is hit with a fire extinguisher which lands him on the table as HBK goes to the top and hits a huge crossbody through the table! Epic return moment. HBK eventually recovers and brings the ladders into the ring. He climbs the ladder and delivers a huge elbow to The Game. The crowd are pumped!
    HBK signals this is the end. He stamps his foot. HHH slowly returns to his feet. He goes for it. REVERSED. HHH goes for the Pedigree. HBK rolls up HHH and WINS!
    Winner: HBK
    Post Match: HBK kisses Earl Hebner and celebrates.....just as Triple H SLAMS a Sledgehammer into HBK's back! He sticks the two's up to HBK and delivers an EPIC shot again to HBK's back. HHH salutes the crowd and EMT's come down to the ring to assist HBK as The Game smiles to the back.
    2012 Reaction: An All-Time Classic. They told an EPIC story, the match was full of action, the big spots landed, HBK looked strong and the post match was incredibly well done. They would go on to make some EPIC matches for the next couple of years. Well. Done. 9/10
    They cut to a "Get The F" Out advert.
    Back Live, J.R and King reflect on what just happened as J.R goes ape.
    Howard Finkel then says he needs to get things off his chest. He says he is committed and says he always has The Fink. Cue Trish Stratus. Yeah...Some interesting attire. Howard then says Trish slapped him in the face and pushed him into mud, he also said the crowd were skanks. Trish then apologises and says he has a sexy voice....and she has a little surprise. Finkel says they might have something when she has her puppies and he has his weiner....0_0. Trish then asks for a big hug and gets it. Then Trish introduces the real surprise....Lillian Garcia who delivers a huge slap and a MASSIVE low blow. Aha. Classic.
    Cole & Tazz are back and Rock & Lesnar are up for the main event NEXT. Cue Video Package.
    During the video package, they made Brock look unstoppable and huge. Man, the Hulk Hogan angle was fantastic. They made it about being the best.
    Lesnar's music plays and he enters with Paul Heyman losing a little nervous. The Rock's music plays to an average pop really.
    8 - The Rock vs Brock Lesnar - Undisputed WWE Championship
    The Rock hits the ring and boom, shots to Lesnar but Lesnar hits a huge belly to belly. "Rocky Sucks" chants hit the arena too as Lesnar with a backbreaker several times. Rock makes it to the corner but huge shoulder's to the stomach by Lesnar force The Rock out of the ring. Heyman delivers a cheap shot to The Rock. Lesnar now clotheslines The Rock into the crowd area. Lesnar picks up The Rock and slams him into the barricade. He throws The Rock back in the ring and gives another huge belly to belly and gets a 2 count. Fast start.
    Rock now attempts to battle back until Heyman grabbed The Rock's leg and Lesnar beats down The Rock once again. Heyman again tries to slam down The Rock and manages. The Rock slaps Lesnar, delivers a kick, but Lesnar with a huge powerslam gives a 2 count. Lesnar back with a spear to the ribs of The Rock but misses the second time. The Rock hits a back suplex to try slow Lesnar down. Then both men epically jump back to their feet at the same time, The Rock tries 2 clotheslines until the 3rd sends him down. The Rock then goes for the sharpshooter, Heyman delivers the distraction but The Rock delivers a leg drag and manages to lock in the sharpshooter but receives boos. Lesnar refuses to quit and a "Let's Go Lesnar" chant is on. Heyman drops a chair in the ring but The Rock catches him and attempts to Rock Bottom him until Lesnar gets there. Lesnar grabs the chair and delivers a shot to The Rock's ribs. Lesnar now sends The Rock into the bearhug, they compare this to how Hogan retired in the same manner.
    Lesnar retreats to a suplex and holds in The Rock as the "Lets Go Lesnar" chant reaches new audio levels. The ref checks The Rock and counts the 1.....counts the 2....and counts the ...No! The Rock recovers and gets back up with right hands to Lesnar. The Rock hits a low blow to Lesnar with the ref distracted but Lesnar slams The Rock back to the corner. Lesnar with more spears to The Rock in the corner but The Rock EXPLODED out of the corner and unleashes on Lesnar and sends him flying to the outside.
    The Rock removes the Spanish announce table protection as Heyman protests. The Rock slams Heyman into the tables and clotheslines Lesnar down. Rock then catapults Lesnar into the ringpost. But wait, The Rock goes up on the table, and The Rock Rock Bottom's Paul Heyman (weakly) through the table.
    The Rock enters the ring. Sets Lesnar up for the same fate and hits it! COVER! 1....2....NO! Lesnar kicks out of the Rock Bottom. The Rock gets up but Lesnar delivers a Rock Bottom! Amazing. Cover only gets 2! The Rock manages to Irish whip Lesnar and hits the spinebuster. It's People's Elbow Time! NO! Lesnar with a HUGE clothesline and Lesnar misses the F5! The Rock reversed it and Rock went for a Rock Bottom but Lesnar HITS THE F5! Cover! And Brock Lesnar Defeats The Rock!
    Winner: Brock Lesnar Wins The Undisputed WWE Championship
    Post Match: "Who In The Hell Will Be Able To Stop The Next Big Thing?" - Tazz as they show Lesnar holding up the title to end the PPV.
    2012 Reaction: It felt like a short match but every minute of it left you on the edge. Fast paced match designed to build Lesnar and put him over. Man it worked well. The Rock looked for sure like he would retain but Lesnar winning with the F5 without a kick out showed the power of the finisher. Great match for what it was. 8/10
    Overall: Summerslam 2002 was a hit. No doubt, they delivered two solid main events with HBK/HHH just about stealing the show. Rock/Brock was still great. It really was. The rest of the card was treated as the whole undercard which is fair enough considering the main events but most of the matches, especially the tag team match, was well done. I have to say, I remember watching this and thinking it was a little boring but I've been proved wrong with re watching. A definite hit.
    What Did You Think Of Summerslam 2002?



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