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    Default PG era is Advantageous for Fans and WWE

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    Why the pg era is good for wrestling fans and the WWE.
    So today I thought I'd take on an issue relevant to wrestling fans but many in the internet wrestling community, in my opinion, blindly hate with out realizing the benefits of it. The pg era, as a whole does have it's down sides but in this blog I will focus on the good things about the pg era. Trust me there are plenty of positive things about the pg era that most of us overlook for multiple reason. One of which is the fact that plenty members in the IWC or internet wrestling community grew up in the attitude era. Another reason is because the major face of the company tends to be seen as stale, and isn't a great wrestler, though to be fair we haven't had a face of the company who was a great wrestler since Brett hart in the WWE. Hulk Hogan was no better than John Cena in my opinion as a wrestler, and we tend to forget about stuff like that because we tend to romanticize past era's because either we were young and they seemed more amazing, or we only really remember the good things and space on the details what were just ok. So today I figured I would give you four basic contentions

    Reason Number 1: It makes it more kid friendly.
    For obvious reasons I started with this issue but I think even though it's an obvious reason, it deserves to not only be said but to be the main reason and most advantageous of all the contentions I will put forth. I have seen members on this site in the forums make a solid argument against this idea that not only does it alienate some members of the internet wrestling community and smarks in general, but it also bores children and I don't bite on this argumentation for the following reasons. For one, members who have watched WWE their entire life are still going to be entertained by a product even if that product isn't vulgar. As a wrestling fan, I want to watch Daniel Bryan vs Cm Punk for the wwe title, as the pg era has given us. Parents want to have a product that their children can watch, though many of our parents allowed us to watch the product doesn't mean that all parents allow their children to watch moments like Sable wearing a potato sack that ended up having the skimpiest outfit imaginable underneath it. Back in 2006 my family and I went to a raw in the Seattle area, my sister actually flipped out when she saw what the girls were wearing because she didn't want her young son, roughly 8 years old at the time, exposed to such clothing. Could you even imagine how bad she would have been if this was during the attiude era, and instead of someone like Maria Kanellis it was someone like Sable? This allows them to capitalize on two markets, one the parents of the children for buy rates in the now, and two buy rates in the future because the children will watch it with their children, setting up this scenario hopefully for them, again in the future.

    Reason Number 2: You can take the divas division more seriously.
    I grew up in the attitude era and I had the privilege of watching great, talented divas put it all on the line for all of us fans. Sadly though, I don't remember divas such as Lita for much else than being a sexualized damsel for men to feud over. To me this is a problem, many fans of the divas division will point over to TNA as a better woman's division, which is fair... but to me, they are not as much as a sex symbol as they were in the attitude era in the WWE's attitude era. Today's divas have a much better chance to shine as more of an equal to their male counterparts instead of a sex symbol and borderline object that they seemed to be in the attitude era. I mean, arguably the greatest diva of all time Trish Stratus is more known for her great skits instead of her superb matches against Mickie James or Lita because they perpetuated the idea that she was a sexual object instead of a strong, powerful woman. In todays market we seem to have two types of divas. Divas like Kaitlyn and Natalya are rarely sexualized while getting TV time. Obviously a diva like AJ lee is overly sexualized but I still am yet to see her in a damsel in distress role instead she is a diva who uses her sexuality, instead she uses her sexuality for power. Though this happened during the attitude era obviously... It's great that there are not really divas in todays market who play the damsel in distress role that has been common in previous eras. This is good for the WWE for multiple reason, one it allows woman to watch this product for strong role model like figures and two it doesn't stop parents from allowing children to watch this product out of fear of exposing their child to a very sexual television show.

    Reason number three: It gives us new dynamics to watch and pushes great superstars ahead.
    The last point I plan to make is obviously the most controversial and thus the most fun to write a valid claim warrant and impact for. The attitude era in my estimation, which I could be misguided in believing is going to be more known for actions between the ropes or even actions related to the ring itself instead of things like beer or milk trucks. It's allowing superstars to actually get over by being the best wrestler with a silly gimmick like Daniel Bryan who might have had a harder time getting over with out a vulgar gimmick in the past like Val Venis's gimmick. This too leads to the superstar being taken much more seriously and allows said superstars to thrive in ways that previously they didn't. Mark Henry is probably one of the baddest men on the current WWE roster, in the attitude era all I can remember him for is his time with a woman in her 70's. Don't get me wrong, obviously superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin were plenty over in the attitude era. The difference at least in my eyes is that the attitude era is that Stone Cold Steve Austin was not a great role model for the fans, and is more known for his things outside of the ring. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but this era gives us a new way to view these superstars in order to keep the current product fresh. Also, if they ever do decide to go back to the attitude era, or even when they bring someone back someone during this era, It seems more special. The rock's song to Vickie would have seemed a lot less groundbreaking if it was during the attitude era. Also faces tend to be more face like making them idols for the children, and hated by the smarks. Also heels tend to be hated by the children but loved by the smarks. This leads to pretty amazing crowd reactions like John Cena so often receives.

    So to summarize for the following three reasons, the pg era is good for all of us!
    1) Good for the kids
    2) Good for the divas
    3) Good for the superstars and creative.

    Thank you for reading this edition of A Dennis Blog and as always godspeed to you all!



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