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    Default How Many People Did WWE End Up Firing?, More on The Rock's Mother Car Accident, JR/Cena

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    - We noted before that WWE recently made several cuts from creative, including Senior VP of Creative Eddie Feldmann. Word is that WWE released between 3 and 5 writers from the creative team also.

    - Jim Ross’ latest FOX Sports column looks at John Cena being a polarizing figure because of WWE’s failure to build around him.

    - The new TMNT movie dominated the box office this weekend, leaving Guardians of the Galaxy with Batista at #2. Guardians was estimated at doing $41.53 million, bringing the domestic total to $176 million. The Rock’s Hercules finished #7 this weekend at $5.7 million, bringing the domestic total for that movie to more than $63 million.

    - As noted, The Rock’s mother Ata Johnson and his cousin NXT Diva Lina Fanene were hit head-on by a drunk driver this month. The accident actually took place back on August 1st, according to Ata and Lina were in Orlando for the annual Usos Foundation Fundraising event and after going to a local restaurant, a drunk woman with a suspended license was running from the police when she crossed a median at high speeds and collided with the Cadillac SUV that Ata and Lina were in. Lina underwent surgery for a broken collarbone and Ata had bruising in the lungs and chest from crashing into the steering wheel. Ata also has a cast on her left hand but both are recovering well.



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