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    Default Paul Heyman Talks WrestleMania 29, Managing Punk/Lesnar

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    Paul Heyman recently did an interview with to promote WrestleMania 29. His said this year's show is special for him, since it takes place in the greater New York City area. He said: "It means everything. Who doesn't want to perform in front of their hometown?"

    The article calls him a "brash genius" and "evil mastermind". He also commented on the fact that he works with both CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. He said: "I work with my best friends. I like to call them the best and the beast."

    When asked if Punk felt pressure going into his match with The Undertaker, Heyman replied: "The pressure is not on CM Punk to defeat the streak. It's on Undertaker to keep the streak."

    Heyman then called Lesnar a "once in a lifetime athlete" and said that Brock had the advantage in his match with Triple H. He added: "Not only is the New York area my turf, but this type of match is OUR turf."

    He also talked about the fact that both wrestlers made their matches personal. He said: "There's nothing people can relate to more than personal issues. Who can't relate to standing up and fighting for your family?"

    He also mentioned Stephanie McMahon, and said he doesn't want her at the show. He said: "I wish Stephanie would stay at home and watch the Pay-Per-View on TV. When she hits me, it hurts."

    Finally, the article mentions WWE helping with Hurricane Sandy relief and the impact the storm had on the New York/New Jersey area last year.



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