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    Default Original Plans for the Battleground Controversy and Big Show

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    The non-finish main event at WWE’s Battleground pay-per-view was changed on the board backstage after the show started. Original plans, or at least what was on booking sheets, had Randy Orton pinning Daniel Bryan for the title. Speculation is that 5-12 people were told before the show that Big Show would be doing a double knockout to end the pay-per-view with no finish.

    Big Show’s “turn” was expected to happen on Monday’s post-Battleground RAW but was tossed in as a curve ball. There was a lot of disagreement internally when the angle went down. Some saw it as a bridge to Hell In a Cell but many questioned the decision to end Battleground with a non-finish because of the weak string of pay-per-views lately.

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    They were probably changing everything because of Dolphins



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