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    Thumbs up It's Official: CM Punk vs. Ryback - Hell In A Cell

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    It's official, CM Punk will defend his WWE Championship against Ryback at the October, 28 Hell In A Cell a Hell In A Cell match!

    Below is a recap of how the decision was made on Monday's WWE Raw:

    Vince McMahon makes his way out with contract in hand and says he has the contract for the WWE title to be held inside HIAC. He then introduces CM Punk. McMahon then introduces Ryback. Cena is then introduced. McMahon says he’s been thinking about this all week and he knows Punk doesn’t have the grapefruits to make a decision so he’s going to make it for him. Punk calls McMahon an egomaniac and signs his signature and says McMahon’s going to do whatever he wants but whoever McMahon picks Punk is going to do to them what he did to McMahon last week. McMahon says he brought this all upon himself. Cena says as of today, Punk has been champion for 330 days and he respects that achievement but from one man to another Punk needs to shut the hell up. Cena says he’d like nothing more than to compete against Punk in HIAc but then he looks at Ryback and wonders if he even cares about the title. Seems all he cares about is kicking someone’s ass and right now Punk needs to get his ass kicked. Cena starts a “Feed Me More” chant and Ryback steps forward and signs the contract to make it official and it will now be CM Punk vs Ryback at Hell In A Cell

    Punk pokes Ryback in the chest and Ryback slams Punk’s face down on the table. Turns the table upside down and delivers Shell Shocked to CM Punk.

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    Don`t like the decision at all.

    I am the best in the world at what i do.



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