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    Default Someone from NXT to Portray Sin Cara Permanently?

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    WWE may have parted ways with Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, the real Sin Cara, on Monday by informing him just a few hours before RAW. We're still waiting on confirmation of his departure.

    Hunico will be working as Sin Cara going forward but may not be behind the mask permanently as there's already talk of bringing someone up from NXT to play the character.

    WWE chose not to kill off the Sin Cara character completely because his merchandise has done well and there's a feeling that they have built up a character that pays into the colorful personality of WWE. The feeling is that the character didn't fail but the performer who played the character failed.

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    I don't think Hunico should permanently be Sin Cara. It felt really awkward since he doesn't have enough speed as Luis had, and he's pretty buff. But I gotta say that tattoo looked pretty badass. I like how the commentators completely ignored that lol.



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