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    Default NXT Diva Bayley Reveals Which Former Diva She'd Like to Wrestle

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    NXT Diva Bayley is the profiled in the latest edition of the NXT 10-Count on, where she answers 10 questions submitted by fans.

    Bayley's wrestling fandom inspired her to become a wrestler herself. She says of her path to WWE, "I've been wrestling for a little more than five years now. I went to my first live wrestling show when I was 12 years old for this independent promotion called Big Time Wrestling in Northern California. Since that night, I never missed a show of theirs. I knew once I was of age and my mom allowed it, I wanted to begin training with them. Once I did, I was wrestling there twice a week for more than four years before I got to come to NXT."

    Bayley also reveals that The Hardy Boyz and Lita, as well as “Macho Man” Randy Savage, The Rock, Eddie Guerrero, Ivory, Victoria and Triple H, are her wrestling inspirations.

    Bayley says she would like to face former WWE Diva Ivory (when asked which past or present Diva she would like to face). "She was amazing in the ring," said Bayley. "She would be a huge challenge and I could learn a lot from her. She was also one of the nicest people I've ever met – very happy and energetic."

    Bayley also talks hobbies, headbands and whether she would attempt to hug The Undertaker.



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