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    Default News on John “Bradshaw” Layfield’s Beyond Rugby Program

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    The Royal Gazette is featuring an article on John “Bradshaw” Layfield’s “Beyond Rugby” program. Next Sunday (May 6) marks the first league’s conclusion with around 12 primary, middle and high schools competing in the Beyond Rugby Bermuda School Championship. JBL is hoping this increase awareness for next season’s program.

    “Beyond Rugby, our programme, set up the league so that kids would have an outlet it’s really helped with their behaviour,” said Layfield.

    “At times we’ve had as many as 400 kids playing rugby in a week, 250 of those we estimate had never played before. We’re really getting true Bermudian kids playing the game.

    “It’s been a fantastic (first season) and has exceeded our expectations. It’s been tough because we didn’t have the fixtures in the school schedule, so it’s been tough organising games without conflicting with other activities. Next year we will have it set in the schedule so it will be a lot easier.”

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