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    Default Big News on Hulk Hoganís WWE Future and The nWo

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    There has been a lot of speculation and questions regarding what WWE has in store for Hulk Hogan past the hosting gig at WrestleMania XXX. Word now is that part of Hoganís new deal includes the opportunity for him to headline another WWE Hall of Fame class.

    Itís described as a situation similar to what WWE did with Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen as they plan to make Hogan a two-time inductee by inducting him as part of the nWo. The induction is said to take place ďin the next few years.Ē

    This is part of the reason why WWE inducted Razor Ramon this year instead of Scott Hall. One idea briefly discussed internally would see Kevin Nash as Diesel go in next year and then the nWo as a group in 2016 but nothing is confirmed this far out.

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    And people wonder why "Hall of Fame" is not seen as legit by non wrestling or even a lot of wrestling fans

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    nWo again?! Hell yeah!



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