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    Default News about HHH,CM PUNK and THE UNDERTAKER

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    I saw these from a site in my country,but I also searched it and these are true news.

    -HHH injured his left hand at mania,he couldn't lift it up the next day.He will return to RAW soon but he will probably be backstage.

    -CM PUNK was at RAW's backstage on monday after mania but he was barely walking.His legs were injured badly when he did the elbow from the top rope to the announce table.In this week he will do some medical tests to check his knees.

    -The UNDERTAKER is extremely healthy compare to the last wrestlemanias.He began a rivarly with the shield but sadly they will not have a match.He may wrestle at summerslam,and it's rumored that he may make some appearances at UK.The sure fact is that he isn't retiring.

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    You have to put News in the News Section I also made the same mistake

    If The Undertaker is not Wrestling until SummerSlam then Triple H might face The Shield with Kane and Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules!

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    Its News

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    i have to laugh. Ive told you many times that he isnt retiring. he has been on a contract that demanded only 1 match per year, because of all the injuries.

    I also stated about a year ago that Mark was looking to come back on a part time basis. And fight a lot more and oh look whats happened

    It takes about 10 - 14 months for a story line to actually happen. We had this news land on our desks just before last years Mania and i gave it to you. At the time you all said i was wrong well lol

    But be warned i also said that his last matches would either be with or against kane! and who is he teaming up with at the moment?



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