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    Default News on Chris Jericho's Promo on Raw, Sin Cara's Intercontinental Title Shot Nixed?, More

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    - Chris Jericho's "blah blah" spot during The Highlight Reel with Paul Heyman last night was inspired by Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech which aired on HBO last week. Jericho acknowledged this on Twitter.

    - The Shield's Seth Rollins turns 26 years old today while WWE Legend Kamala turns 63 and Headbanger Mosh turns 42.

    - At one point, the Sin Cara vs. Wade Barrett Intercontinental Title match that was advertised for last week's Main Event was scheduled for last night's RAW from Calgary. Obviously that match didn't happen and with Barrett wrestling in tag action on this week's Main Event, the match with Cara may have been nixed altogether.

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