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    Default Natalya Recalls 2010 Icelandic Volcano Wrecking Havoc

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 caught up with several WWE Superstars to find out their worst travel stories, including The Miz's ride through a blizzard, Cody Rhodes' messy trip with Randy Orton, and The Brooklyn Brawler's confrontation with an unruly passenger. Natalya remembered Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallaj"kull wreaking havoc on the final legs of the two-week post-WrestleMania XXVI tour in 2010:

    "My travel day from hell was on an International Tour when we got stuck over in Europe," Natalya recalls. "We were heading to Switzerland but we couldn’t get out because there was a volcano. There was ash in the air and they wouldn’t let planes fly out of most of Europe. We got stuck there for a week. We couldn’t do anything until the ash cleared. Every airport,practically, in Europe was shut down. So we had to stay there and just hang out for a week. And we nearly missed Monday Night Raw, which is unheard of. They were saying that the ash wouldn’t clear and it could take up to a month to clear. When we finally, finally, finally made it home, I literally kissed the ground of the JFK airport."



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