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    Default Why The Miz Was Turned Face Because of His PR Work for WWE

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    There is only one reason why WWE turned The Miz face―because he is the second best public relations guy for the company on the full-time roster.

    The Miz is the best at PR behind John Cena. He is the most comfortable in the promotional, show off capacity. I've interviewed a lot of WWE wrestlers and The Miz is noticeably more savvy at how to put himself over, the company/event over and have natural interaction with the interviewer.

    His experience in multiple arenas stemming from his reality show days probably helps. He also is just a natural spotlight guy. He likes being on the spot and in focus.

    He works the Cena schedule. He doesn't say no when asked to do PR. If there is a trip required to go overseas, he's a frequent choice to do so and promote the WWE brand. The Miz was doing all of this for a while as a heel. I think WWE turned him face in November so now fans can cheer the guy who is constantly representing the company.

    The idea makes sense from a long-term positioning standpoint, but the face turn has fallen flat. Nothing has gone right.

    Nobody bought the forced mentor relationship with Ric Flair. Every time Miz puts on the figure-four leglock, it's a reminder of how bad the face run has been. The biggest reason the face turn hasn't worked is because The Miz is a natural heel.

    If you've ever spent one day with The Miz, you know he's a natural heel. I'm not knocking him, I'm just giving the reality. He has a personality and traits that when he is turning it up for an audience, he's easy to hate.

    The newest match for the WrestleMania 29 card is The Miz challenging Wade Barrett for the Intercontinental Championship. Based on the way WWE is convinced to get The Miz over, they will have him take the strap off of Barrett. The only problem is that's not going to do The Miz any favors.

    Sure, he'll have the most prestigious midcard title, but based on WWE's recent booking, that isn't a good thing. WWE thinks midcard champs losing in a non-title match doesn't affect the champ because, hey, they still have the title. Look at the amount of television matches Antonio Cesaro and Barrett have lost recently.

    So, let's review. The Miz will continue to get forced as a face. He'll win the IC title at WrestleMania 29. Then, he'll begin to lose every television match, but WWE will justify it because he's still a title holder and now when he does his PR they can announce him as Intercontinental Champion.

    Forget all this talk of when will Cena turn, The Miz is the REAL heel who NEEDS to be heel.

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    Who cares why WWE turns someone face
    Do you know Richard Cheese?



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