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    Default Mick Foley Talks Punk/Foley Program, Relationship with Vince, Takerís Streak, More

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    Mick Foley recently spoke with Inside The Ropes. Here are the highlights from the interview.

    On being seen as a comedic character in WWE now:
    Iím gonna have to disagree with you there for a moment, I think the stuff I did with CM Punk was not comedy based at all. I thought that was probably the most effective way I could be used and can be used in future. If I Have a serious difference of opinion with somebody, you know Iíll never again have the physical threat of resolving my differences with someone in the ring but I think once a year, Iím good for a couple of good promos. In a way I didnít think I would be until I did those promos with Punk.

    On fans being disappointed that the Foley/Punk program didnít go any further:
    Well again, you canít really take it any further unless thereís gonna be a resolution in the ring. I was very happy, I think I had 3 big promos with punk and I really enjoyed it and believe me, I had a christmas book out at the time and I had to fight the urge to take the book out under my arm but I knew it wasnít right for the promo. I enjoyed it and I look forward in the future to doing it once a year or so, in limited doses.

    On his relationship with Vince McMahon now maybe not being great:
    Well I think two thing happened. One, after I bowed out of the WrestleMania match with Vince in 2001, thatís kinda like the boy who cried wolf, you know, I said I would, I said I wouldnít and then I didnít do it. In 2001, I was convinced Iíd never have another match again. Obviously that was kinda dumb because Iíve had many matches since then with most of them not being anywhere near that level of magnitude. I couldíve made a lot of money and I donít think I wouldíve hurt the relationship.
    Then once I became the guy that almost left, then did leave, let me put it this way, I still donít feel like I can go into Vinceís office and take free food. I just donít feel like I can do that anymore. For 3 years, I knew that whenever Vince went to the broadcast booth it was my time to have a fillet or 3 or more.

    His thoughts on Undertakerís WrestleMania streak:
    I just think going 20-0 is the way to end the streak. I think he ended at an amazing last match, the number 20 has an allure and an appeal that numbers 21 22, 23 and 24 donít and at this point I donít know if thereís that opponent. Heís basically had all the matches, heís had all the payoffs to the matches with history. The one guy that could get people interested is Punk.
    Do you know Richard Cheese?

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    for this Interview

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    i totally agree with him on the streak and with cm punk feud

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    Agree with foley

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