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    Post Mick Foley Reveals a Possible Role with WWE, Shares His TNA Thoughts & More

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    - Mick Foley spoke with The Sun in the UK to promote his comedy tour. Here are some highlights:

    His time in TNA:
    “I cannot look back and say I did everything I wanted to do in TNA. I would have liked to have been considered a good investment that Dixie Carter made. I don’t think that she or I would think that the investment they put into me paid off for them. I think I could have contributed more and in a better way, but it did not work out that way.”

    “I was very honest with (Head of Talent Relations) Terry Taylor, and told him I just kind of lost faith in the company and that I really shouldn’t be one of the guys that they centred their future around. The Network role was a great role for someone that really believed in the company. I wish they would have allowed me to leave a couple of weeks earlier or allowed me to stay another six or seven weeks, to make something out of that role.”

    Wrestling again:
    “I was really happy with that last match I had with Ric Flair. If that turns out to be my last match ever that would be a really good way to go. But if there is something big, if there is one or two matches I could have with WWE, to elevate one of the younger talents or does big business for the company, then I would certainly do my best to give people a memorable match.”

    Not wanting to work on the WWE creative team:
    “That’s the one thing that’s not on the table. I wouldn’t want that pressure and I couldn’t take that pressure. Having to come through with ideas every week. I think Brian Gewirtz and Michael Hayes deserve some type of special peace prizes for being able to it on a weekly basis. I couldn’t do it and wouldn’t do it.”

    A role similar to Bret Hart’s where he appears on TV here and there:
    “That would be a pretty neat role and that’s something that has been talked about. Back in 2004 Vince McMahon basically told me to consider WWE to be my playground, and that I could come and play any time I wanted to. It has been pointed out that I have a couple of days off on my tour when WWE just happens to be in the UK. So you never know. I may ask if I can play around for a little while.”



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