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    Default Mick Foley Brings Mr. Socko Back to WWE, NBA Star Discusses Possible Career

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    - NBA player Enes Kanter spoke with The Salt Lake Tribune about his love for WWE this week and a possible career in the ring:

    "Yeah, I've been to wrestling three or four times. Not on TV, I was actually in the place. It was great. I'm a huge WWE fan. You know my favorite is Undertaker. It was just great. Maybe, I was just thinking, after my basketball career I can be a pro wrestler. I saw one in Chicago and the other was in Cincinnati or something."

    - As noted before, Mick Foley returned at the WWE live event in Ireland yesterday to special referee John Cena and John Morrison vs. The Miz and R-Truth.

    Foley also appeared after the main event of CM Punk vs. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. Awesome Truth came out to cause the DQ by attacking Punk, which brought out Morrison, Cena and Foley for the save. Del Rio ended up taking a GTS, Attitude Adjustment, Starship Pain and a Mr. Socko shot from Foley to end the show.



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