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    Default Michael Elgin Recalls Being a Fat Overweight Kid

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    Michael Elgin published a new blog entry on Here is an excerpt:

    "The only thing I can ever remember wanting to be was a Pro Wrestler. It's what I lived for. It captivated me unlike anything ever had. But, growing up I was always told I couldn't do it or people said, "Sure, but what else do you want to do?". I was the fat kid who dreamed of greatness, I had the desire but not the tools. At the age of 13 I stepped into high school at 315 lbs and had a lot of adversities to overcome. When you're that obese, one of the biggest let downs at that age and time in your life can be girls. But, that isn't what drove me. I knew I wanted to wrestle, but at that weight, I couldn't be the wrestler I wanted to be. That year was the year that changed my life. I began to diet. I woke up every morning at 5am to hit the gym before class began. Ten months later heading into the summer of 2001, I was 175 lbs and ready to start my path."

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    13, 315lbs, come on Elgin, I stopped reading there

    You're a great wrestler, but a massive bullshitter also



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