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    Default Matt Hardy Tells Twitter Followers to "Pull for TNA"

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    Matt Hardy commented on last night's episode of TNA Impact Wrestling. Here are some messages he posted on Twitter, putting over a portion of their active roster.

    "Skimming over @IMPACTWRESTLING. Storm, Roode, Gunner, Daniels, Kaz-awesome talents. Nice touch w/ the street clothes in the impromptu match."

    "Good, fun X-Division match between @sonjaydutterson & Manik. I like Sonjay cuz A)Can work Cruiser style & B)Traditional style C)Good model"

    "In a tough gig to pull off, Joseph Parks/Abyss has been superb. Austin Aries is constantly one of the most entertaining performers in TNA."

    "To his credit, Bully Bubba Ray evokes a reaction that very few performers can in 2013. The addition of Extreme Expose Brooke has potential."

    "Noteworthy main event. AJ returns (4 now), Devon has 2 leave, Rampage sees in-ring action, how long now b4 the plug is pulled on Aces & 8s?"

    "TNA has an amazing talent roster, a great TV partner, & lots of passion. Pull for TNA & Dixie to survive & thrive, the business needs them!"

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    I guess if Hardy ever leaves RoH, it's back to TNA. I don't see a use for him over there. Wasn't he released from TNA, or did he ask for it?



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