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    Default Matt Hardy Talks About WWE Holding Back Ryder

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    Matt Hardy appeared on Inside The Ropes on Thursday to promote Extreme Rising. Here are some highlights.

    Why he decided to go to Extreme Rising: "I heard about the first show they had. sometimes you hear about the ECW reunion shows and think itís just been done to death. But these guys are trying to create something different by using some ECW original guys and using guys who can wrestle that sort of style, like myself, to create an alternative product, which can only be a good thing."

    Differences between today's TLC matches and series featuring the Hardys, Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian: "Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart had the first ladder match but it wasnít very publicized, but when we had the series with the Dudleyz and Edge & Christian, we thought one day there would be kids who would go on to do things bigger and better than we did but with the state of the WWE today it hasnít happened and i donít think it ever will happen."

    Thoughts on the Edge/Lita situation leading to his release from WWE in 2005: "I made mistakes during that time. I did try and handle everything and be as honest as possible. As hard as it was, it was a pretty exciting time with a guy coming back after being fired and with the power of the internet, they fought hard to get me back. Regardless if it was hard personally and emotionally working with Edge and Lita, it was great TV."

    Feelings on his push upon his return to WWE in 2005: "I definitely think the WWE could have done more with me. I was in such a mindset to take my career as far as I could and just go, go, go. But with the WWE, if itís something theyíve not created then sometimes it doesnít get as much love and attention as something that they came up with themselves. I think i was a victim of that in someways."

    Comparison with Zack Ryder: "Itís like Zack Ryder. I remember him coming and telling me about his ideas for the YouTube videos and you know he got himself over and Iím sure saved his job at one point. But because it wasnít a WWE push, it seems like theyíre holding back on him and i donít think he is being pushed for as over as he is."



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