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    Default Matt Hardy Speaks On Real Life Being Used As Storyline; Speaks Edge/Lita & Jerry Lawler Heart Attack

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    Former WWE superstar Matt Hardy joined me on "Wrestling Reality" on TribLIVE Radio in Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

    Hardy talked about main eventing Extreme Rising this Saturday against Shane Douglas for the 15th anniversary of Novemeber to Remember in the same venue, The Golden Dome in Monaca, PA.

    Hardy also spoke of ECW style influencing The Hardy Boys and working his own schedule compared to WWE or TNA.

    I asked Hardy to talk about the controversial segment with CM Punk mocking Jerry Lawler's heart attack in terms of real life being brought to storyline and brought up how Hardy's relationship with Edge and Lita was also used.

    I haven't seen the show yet, I actually have it on DVR and I'll probably check it out in the next couple days. With my scenario, not only was it one person who had a traumatic life experience, there was three. So that made it a little tricky in some ways but thats kinda where wrestling has evolved to. The reason why is because everyone has so much knowledge about not just what happens when the red lights on the camera but behind the scenes and what happens in the wrestlers live. TMZ loves pro wrestling know. The truth continues to bleed more and more and more in whats part of the act in many ways.
    Its one of those scenarios where I think if Jerry Lawler was totally cool with it, he agreed with it, if it was run past him, he didn't feel like his hand was forced to participate in this I haven't seen it so I can't comment if anything was in bad taste but if he was comfortable with it then it really doesn't bother me.
    I understand why things happen like that. It just seems like the logical progression. I'm gonna agree with some of the things you said earlier. Die hard wrestling fans who created a bunch of out cry about this are the same ones who feel insulted when AJ gets removed from the GM cause she had an inappropriate affair with John Cena. At same time Vickie Guerrero having inappropriate affair with Dolph Ziggler and was married to Edge back in the day. So wrestling fans are very intelligent now and there is so much info accessible to them at their finger tips. I think the more realistic you make things the better it is and a more intelligent product. I don't think you can insult wrestling fans now because they're that intelligent, there smart. If its somethings that plays off real life and its done and nobody is offended or bothered by that then I think its fair game.

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    I want hardy to return

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    He Won't he has too many issues and i don't think the WWE would re-sign him



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