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    Default Possible Match Between Hulk Hogan and Roddy Piper Planned for WrestleMania 30

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    Regarding John Cena's plans for WrestleMania XXX, the most recent talk had him teaming or aligning with Hulk Hogan in some way. This indicates that WWE is close to signing Hogan to a deal.

    Several ideas with Hogan have been discussed among WWE creative including Cena having Hogan in his corner for a singles match and Cena and Hogan vs. "The Real Americans" Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro.

    WWE officials have also discussed bringing Roddy Piper in for WrestleMania XXX. Ideas discussed involving Piper include Cena and Hogan vs. Piper and another heel, Hogan and Piper vs. Swagger and Cesaro or Hogan vs. Piper in a Legends singles match.

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    I don't think Piper nor Hogan should wrestle. They're too old, and it would look odd watching two oldies fight it out. I understand WM 30 is a huge milestone, but I don't think the fans will like it.



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